Mr. Moon: "Maverick" – DayZ Standalone

This is the story Maverick Moon, and his final day on Earth. Recorded in Dayz Standalone. He was a cannibal trying to survive in the apocalypse. His mind soiled, he battled between his love and his hatred for the human race.

This was recorded live on twitch!

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This was played on the DayZRP private server.
DayZRP is a private DayZ community focused on role playing, player cooperation, increasing the player interaction and group combat.

Music Credits

“Orrs Beginning” (by Ian Alex Mac)
“Bethany” (by Ian Alex Mac)
“Madeleine” (by Ian Alex Mac)
“In Darkness” (by Ian Alex Mac)
“Tasmin” (by Ian Alex Mac)
“The Loss of Blood” (by Ian Alex Mac)
“The trial” (by Ian Alex Mac)
“The haven” (by Ian Alex Mac)
“6 seconds to die” (by Ian Alex Mac)