Welcome on MyDayZ – FPP Interaction & PvP – Will you survive ?


GENERAL RULES – 1 or 2 warning /24hr ban/perma ban for repeat offender
  • No combat logging. It’s not cool to shoot at people then pussy out! – 24hr ban/perm for repeat offenders
  • No refunds will be offered for anything to do with dying from cars! Its a DayZ thing,not a server thing! Drive at your own risk.
  • No Racism or Homophobic talkinstant ban
  • No Hacking or Glitching obviously – instant ban
  • No blocking traders with objects or yourself intentionally – Instant ban
  • Be respectful that is all you have to do !
  • AVOID TO BUILD A HUGE BASE ( Prefer Fence to Tower it’s better for the server ) – No building over another players structures this includes using items to boost over walls. – removal/warning/or ban (more likely ban)
  • Boost on top of another players is allowed! (only enter 2 people) – warning /24hr ban/perma ban for repeat offenders
  • No using tents to block the access of a base. – warning /24hr ban/perma ban for repeat offenders
  • Dismantling of bases is allowed from THE INSIDE if you have entered a base from pre existing terrain/buildings, for exemple jumping on a fence/shed without using placable items to stand on to get in. (this comes down to the builder of the base, test breaking in before you think your base is finished) PERMA BAN
  • Standing ON TOP of the highest wall to dismantle it is also allowed as long as you have got onto that wall without breaking any rules or standing on placable items. PERMA BAN So for everyone for now if your are not inside the base or standing on top of highest wall you can’t raid a base or it’s a PERMA BAN
  • No blocking people out their own base after raiding it. If you get inside legally then please dont change locks on bases (remove them by all means) but please don’t make that base inaccessable by sealing it up or by changing the locks! Its bad enough you just stole all their shit. – warning /24hr ban/perma ban for repeat offenders
  • Do not log off in someones base! – warning /24hr ban/perma ban for repeat offenders
  • No building/blocking in any Military loot spawns – removal/warning/or ban
  • Finaly – Be a nice guy and enjoy

## – Features – ##

  1. Stamina ON / FPP Only
  2. Ear Plugs
  3. AirDrop
  4. Notes Possibility to write something to someone and display it on a wall
  5. DayZ Navigation If u have a compass on u, open it and u will have an HUD with the compass)

## – Mods – ##