Latest update for MyDayZ Server

New Feature:

  • Hordes will now spawn with 2 different chest, in them u will be able to find some C4Mine if u are lucky
  • Hordes will now be displayed with new notification system – You Can now free ur hands with H, your item will be moved to ur inventory if there is any space inside
  • You can now Toggle On Auto-Run, for this press + – By the way all this new keybind can be configured in Dayz Control panel (Esc > Settings > Controls ) – Gasoline canister can now explode :)


  • MAP: Russian translate to English for Cities, Town, etc – Attempt to Reduce shoes damage while traveling


  • Infinite Duct Tape

Some areas have been customized as u can see below

Custom Krasnostav Area (NEAF)

New Military Island

Custom Skalisty Island

New Military Area

New Prison Island

New Nort West AirField