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Hello survivors!

We are excited to inform you that DayZ Game Update 1.10 has arrived on all platforms! A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Experimental phase (both PC and Xbox communities). The response to this update has been amazing so far, and we can’t wait to see how things will play out in a live environment. There are tons of substantial changes in this update, so let’s get started!

First off, the long-awaited M3S truck has returned to the lands of Chernarus and Livonia. This two-seat, heavy-duty truck with six-wheel drive will become your new off-road friend, and its carrying capacities will be greatly appreciated by many. Along with a drivable variant, we’ve added a set of brand new abandoned static variants for part spawning – fully replacing the legacy wreck model on both maps.

m3s truck v3s dayz

Speaking of vehicles, they were updated as well. This includes increased engine durability during collisions with the environment, as well as the option to repair the vehicle’s chassis with epoxy putty, and the engine itself with a pipe wrench (unless, of course, your engine happens to be ruined). We also added player damage when jumping out of a car.

Many of you will be pleased to learn that we’ve returned leg fractures to the game, along with improvised fixtures (splints). Legs can be broken in all kinds of situations, including combat, stepping on a bear trap, falling or jumping from a great height, and even while jumping out of a car. Keep in mind that if you don’t fix a fracture with a splint, you’ll suffer limited movement, as well as frequent shock damage, which can render you unconscious. In order for you to understand these penalties better, we’ve added visualizations of current shock values (i.e. how close you are to unconsciousness), and when the actual shock damage is dealt. Applied splints are now visible on the injured player as well.

broken legs back dayz update 110

We’re also re-introducing the signal pistol. This simple, gas-powered gun can shoot a powerful flare that lights up the night sky. Use it to call for help or when you feel like celebrating a bright moment during dark times. Ammo for the pistol comes in four distinct colors.

dayz signal pistol is back update 110

We’ve also made some major additions and balance changes to the cold survival side of the game. Base temperatures now follow real-life behavior in regards to cold mornings and warm afternoons, and are likewise affected by local wind speeds and altitudes. Furthermore, players now have the ability to temporarily contain heat from the fireplace after they’ve left it, the user interface now includes information about the heat insulation qualities of an individual piece of clothing, and heat insulation / maximum absorption limits for all clothes have been rebalanced to offer players more interesting choices when it comes to protection against the rain or cold.

And great news for those of you who enjoy the wilderness survival side of things because we’ve added new improvised shelters to the game. They come in three variants (stick, leather, tarp) and offer basic storage capacity, as well as protection from the rain.

central economy dayz update

The central economy setup has undergone a number of changes as well. Compared to update 1.09, the longevity of most items in the world has been dramatically lowered. In addition to that, only locked doors stay locked during server restarts now, while the rest of the doors are randomized.

Last but not least, we’ve implemented many localization tweaks and are happy to introduce localization into Brazilian Portuguese.

On behalf of the DayZ team,