DayZ Frostline – Ice in Your Veins, Fire in Your Heart

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I wake up from a nightmare. Face down in a black sand. Looks like I made it to Sakhal, but where are the others I have seen when boarding the refugee ships from the mainland? Has the Sakhal archipelago been overturn already? Only one way to find out…

Embark on a Perilous Winter Survival Adventure with DayZ’s Frostline Expansion!

Set on a snow-covered Sakhal archipelago, spanning an impressive 83km² (Not including icesheets), featuring breath-taking winter wilderness, teeming with new challenges and opportunities for survival. Brace yourself for a truly immersive adventure where the environment itself is as much your adversary as the infected and other survivors.

Coming Fall 2024

  • Key Features of Frostline Expansion:
    •  New Terrain: Explore a rugged and forgotten volcanic archipelago in the far east, where time has stopped.
    • Winter landscape: An authentic recreation of a late winter environment. From icy lakes to snow-covered forests and mountains, Sakhal offers a picturesque scenery everywhere you go.
    • Harsher survival: Sakhal poses by far the biggest danger out of any other environments you may have visited. Prepare for the cold as you manage warmth, hunt for food, and fend off the dangers lurking in the snow.
    • Environmental Hazards: Discover the hazards of living near volcanic areas..
    • Richer wilderness:
      Encounter new animals adapted to the chilly climate, adding to your hunting challenges and opportunities.
    • New gameplay mechanics:
      New diseases and updated fishing mechanic are among many to keep you on your toes.
    • Winter Cosmetics:
      Dress for the season with winter-themed cosmetics.

Sakhal harbors both beauty and danger, offering an experience DayZ fans have never seen before. As you explore, hunt, and survive, unfurl the mysteries hidden beneath the frostline. Unite with fellow survivors or forge your path alone; the choice is yours in this perilous winter wonderland.

Preparation is key to survival, and as the frost sets in, only those with Ice in their veins and Fire in their hearts will endure.

1 DayZ Frostline Wishlist now Transp

to embark on your most chilling adventure yet in Fall 2024.