Hello everyone,

we are pushing out a new Experimental update.



  • Fixed: A player to player desync issue
  • Fixed: A client crash
  • Fixed: A server crash
  • Fixed: Error messages pertaining to weapon usage
  • Fixed: Further changes to improve server performance


  • Server crashes can cause a persistence wipe. So especially for server owners, try to work with regular persistence backups and if you encounter server crashes, report with your crash dumps to our Feedback Tracker. If you have any proven reproduction steps for persistence wipes, let us know. The team is working on a long-term solution, which unfortunately will take some time.


Please verify your game files before playing the new update, and report all bugs you encounter to https://feedback.bistudio.com/, please.

Keep in mind that Experimental updates are not available for server files or modding tools yet. Those will be updated with the Stable release of the patch.

Thank you for playing on the Experimental branch.