PC Experimental 1.15 Update 2 – Version 1.15.154322 (Released on 11.11.2021)



  • Fixed a server error related to particles
  • Torches and road flares were missing their particles
  • Slicing rotten pumpkin produced raw pumpkin slices
  • Charcoal tables were only working for a very brief time window
  • The fishing rod was not properly extended during the fishing process
  • It was possible to equip both the head torch and night-vision goggles
  • The AUR AX was considered to be as long as the AUR A1
  • Muzzle flash of the CR-61 Scorpion was missing particles at the start


  • Reworked conditions for allowed item combinations
  • Increased the volume of the LE-MAS reload sounds to make it more audible
  • Closed containers won’t show their cargo space anymore
  • Increased water and energy consumption (still non-linear in nature)
  • Further increased time it takes to stomach to process its contents
  • Adjusted the size of the inner circle of AUR A1 reticle to match person at 300 meters
  • Splash hit effect iteration (more subtle, slightly bigger and less accurate)
  • Legacy red overlay hit effect disabled (still possible to enable it through the configuration)


  • Added: Configuration for the onscreen directional effects into the server-side gameplay settings
  • Added: More types of onscreen directional indicators (available through the server-side gameplay settings)