PC Experimental 1.18 Update 2 – Version 1.18.154875 (Released on 26.05.2022)


  • The vicinity tab could disappear after scrolling through a long list of items
  • The M79 launcher would not deal accurate damage to bases
  • The Derringer would change its zeroing while shooting
  • It was possible to store improvised explosives infinitely into each other
  • It was possible to craft the improvised explosive even if the protector case still had contents
  • Fixed an animation glitch related to going prone
  • Plants missed their name widget during growing stages
  • Brooms would recover health after stopping burning (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T164097)
  • Food lost quantity when baked with lard
  • Food did not lose quantity when being roasted on a stick
  • It was possible to ignite the fireworks launcher in buildings where it should not be possible
  • It was not possible to ignite a damp fireworks launcher
  • The dismantle action performed the repair action instead
  • The stealth kill used the infected death animation
  • Fixed a server crash related to corrupted storage
  • Vests attached to grenades would explode on their own


  • The fireworks launcher is now deployed faster


  • Added: PrePhysUpdate, IsEvent and IsTag callbacks to AnimCommand so they are usable from any Animal and Infected command
  • Added: PrePhysUpdate, IsEvent and IsTag callbacks to AnimCommandBase so they are usable from any Animal and Infected animation command