PC Experimental 1.18 Update 5 – Version 1.18.155001 (Released on 23.06.2022)



  • Fixed a server crash related to vehicles
  • The Derringer was missing a reload sound after only one bullet was shot
  • The Derringer did not display ejected shells
  • The character got stuck in walking speed after dying while in inventory
  • It was possible to arm an empty improvised explosive using an alarm clock or kitchen timer
  • Consuming an item assigned to a quick slot could result in the slot becoming unresponsive
  • Raising hands with an opened map in hands could result in desynchronisation (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T165934)
  • Widgets were still displayed after disabling the HUD via keybinding
  • Plastic explosives were dealing inconsistent damage (this also includes additional damage rebalance to reflect this fix)
  • An improvised explosive with one plastic explosive was doing more damage than one with two explosives attached
  • Disarmed plastic explosives and improvised explosives could not be picked up
  • Timers from the improvised explosive could not be disarmed
  • Ruined landmines and bear traps were still triggered on contact
  • Cargo of vehicles and barrels was not displayed properly (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T165739)


  • The M79 Launcher can no longer jam
  • Slightly increased resistance of the base building wooden walls against explosive damage (tied to plastic explosive fix)