Hello Survivors,

we have a new patch with fixes incoming, also including some balancing tweaks. As usual, please let us know about any issues you encounter in the game. 🙂

The Public Experimental Server Files have been updated as well.



  • It is highly recommended to use the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.
  • Consider de-fragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates.
  • Updating a moddable game and its platform is not without risks. We use various methods to communicate upcoming changes to our awesome modding community. We also co-operate directly on troubleshooting, and we offer an opportunity to test updates via our Release Candidate tests. Modders, server administrators and other members of the community do their best to prepare for updates and to address issues post-release as quickly as possible. Please be mindful of some interruptions (especially in the first hours / days after a release) while we all work to improve the game together.
  • In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q.DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q.
  • You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker.


  • Added: Muzzle flash effect for Mosin compensator


  • Fixed: Attachment icon dragged from hands slot to an invalid slot disappears
  • Fixed: Fixed missing textures on LAR buttstocks
  • Fixed: Character noise indicator not showing appropriate values
  • Fixed: Collisions of base building objects remaining after their parts have been detached
  • Fixed: LAR magazines are always spawned empty
  • Fixed: Rangefinder drawing its value on other clients’ screens, assorted client error and interference between rangefinders
  • Fixed: When opening doors for the first time, the whole building model can move slightly
  • Fixed: Client error connected to player presence indicator
  • Fixed: It is no longer possible to attach the Hunting Scope to the BK-18


  • Tweaked: Sneak attack on the Infected now also works when hitting the torso
  • Tweaked: Infected are less perceptive in terms of sounds in general, limited vision at night
  • Tweaked: Blood and health regeneration slowed by roughly 1/3rd
  • Tweaked: Water and energy metabolism slowed down by roughly 1/5th
  • Tweaked: Increased water, energy and healthy penalty by roughly 1/2 when heat comfort is low/high
  • Tweaked: Chemlight illumination range lowered to 7.5m


  • Tweaked: Personal light access parameter (PlayerBaseClient.m_PersonalLight) changed from ‘private’ to ‘protected’ to allow modding