Hello Survivors,

We have released the 1.05 Experimental update (current version: 1.05.152376). Please use the new DayZ Experimental Client to participate in the Experimental tests.



  • It is highly recommended to use the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data and control issues after downloading this update.
  • Consider de-fragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates.
  • In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q.DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q.
  • You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker.


  • Fixed: Crafting ghillie attachments left tiny amounts of Burlap Strips
  • Fixed: Swapping heavy items while being crouched would lead to an unwanted state of the animations


  • Tweaked: Decreased bleeding rate from wounds
  • Removed: News feed panel from the main menu


  • Changed: The memory allocation of the script modules has been increased to help the game supporting more mods
  • Fixed: An issue when too many script classes were loaded from a single script module. The system has been reworked to support up to 65k classes (was 4k)