• Fixed: Setup of the damage zones for the Large Tent
  • Fixed: Existing containers HPs now reset as intended (no longer stay badly damaged if loaded from the old version)
  • Fixed: Items in containers that can be carried within the players’ inventory had contents disappearing after reconnect
  • Fixed: Various issues with weapons becoming unusable after performing an action and interrupt the action at the same time
  • Fixed: The crafting action for the stone knife was not removing the other stone
  • Fixed: Specialized bullets could in certain situations be transformed into standard rounds
  • Fixed: Tactical gloves were positioned at the players’ feet when held in hands


  • Changed: The Land Mine now explodes when destroyed (regardless of the armed state)
  • Changed: Ballistic properties of metal walls on the fence/watchtower to be much better at protecting against projectiles passing through
  • Tweaked: Some grenades will no longer get deleted immediately when they run out of gas
  • Tweaked: The “Open Store”-button in the DLC description now opens the store even when already owning the DLC
  • Tweaked: Tents can now also be repaired with the sewing kit


  • Added: HumanCommandVehicle::KeepInVehicleSpaceAfterLeave function


  • Damage application from explosives on objects such as tents or base building objects is not working as intended and could cause some differences in between the state of the object and its visual state
  • dayz 1 24 update teaser

PC Stable Update 1.24 – Overview

February 20th, 2024 4:09 PM|0 Comments

Hello, Survivors! We’re releasing update 1.24 today - our first stable update of 2024! Similar to other updates we’ve released early in the year, this one features a thorough tidying up. Basically, we went through a bunch [...]

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PC Experimental 1.24 – update #3

February 6th, 2024 7:00 PM|0 Comments

PC Experimental 1.24 Update 3 - Version 1.24.157400 (Release on 06.02.2024) GAME ADDED Valentine's Bolt (temporal seasonal event object) FIXED Fallen tree branches had too many trivial collisions, interrupting character movement Fixed some misplaced [...]