• Fixed: Character and server names were not cut after a certain length, when displayed in the main menu ui
  • Fixed: Loot on the Olga wrecks’ interior seats was inaccessible
  • Fixed: Damage on barrels was not visible from distance
  • Fixed: Attached materials could end up in the wrong watchtower slot
  • Fixed: Incorrect HUD info about your weapon being jammed after re-connect
  • Fixed: Restraining could be used to recharge items held in hands
  • Fixed: It was possible to stack some items over its limit within the players inventory
  • Fixed: Missing Xmas lights’ attachment slot on canopy tent
  • Fixed: The weight of items was not properly calculated upon re-logging to a server
  • Fixed: Issue with an invisible wall appearing at a gate’s position, when upgrading it with walls afterwards
  • Fixed: Client performance could severely decrease when colliding with a stone oven during certain state of the fire


  • Tweaked: The dismantle action now takes longer and damages tools more
  • Tweaked: Durability of base building objects, tents and containers against explosives
  • Tweaked: HP balancing for fence and watchtower parts


  • Added: Server config parameters disableBaseDamage and disableContainerDamage, setting them to 1 will disable damage and destruction on relevant objects (see our server config documentation)



  • Furniture does not block bullets