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  • Consider de-fragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates.
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  • Fixed: A possible server crash
  • Fixed: Barbed wire trigger damage was too weak
  • Fixed: Missing % in the inventory tooltip (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T151418)
  • Fixed: Items could be picked up through a base building fence/watchtower
  • Fixed: The character could become too hot when entering certain buildings
  • Fixed: Weight was not properly updated when soaked with water
  • Fixed: Suppressed sounds for the Sporter 22
  • Fixed: Ruined ammo could be loaded into magazines
  • Fixed: Using the shovel to dig logs from the fence or watchtower base could sometimes result in the logs disappearing
  • Fixed: Interrupting the “Wash hands” action would complete the action immediately
  • Fixed: It was not possible to sprint under a certain level of stamina
  • Fixed: Impact of indirect damage on tents is now be handled properly
  • Fixed: Pop sound when approaching a vehicle
  • Fixed: Repair action was sometime not available on base building parts
  • Fixed: Furniture does not block bullets
  • Fixed: Issue with equipment weights
  • Fixed: The damage state of the tent is now properly initialized when damaged by the CE
  • Fixed: Trying to jump out of the Gunter 2 would result in the character getting stuck
  • Fixed: It was not possible to jump out of green ADA 4x4s back seats
  • Fixed: blood bags with known blood type will keep the information when combined with an IV kit
  • Fixed: Stage-based fireplace lifetimes were not properly set
  • Fixed: The one-handed suicide had an improper positioning of the used tool
  • Fixed: Items in ruined clothing will no longer disappear after re-log
  • Fixed: It was not possible to interact with certain parts of the car tent


  • Changed: Base building dismantle action now returns materials according to the damaged state of the deconstructed part
  • Changed: Fireplace lights now fade by distance based on the type of a fireplace
  • Changed: Packed tents can no longer be repaired
  • Tweaked: Removed the stone mining action from the Hammer
  • Tweaked: Lowered the inventory size of the Frying Pan
  • Tweaked: Soda cans can no longer be used to wash hands
  • Tweaked: Shortened the lifetime of weapon smoke particle emitters
  • Tweaked: Decreased the time it takes to build and repair base building parts
  • Tweaked: Increased the time it takes to dismantle base building parts
  • Tweaked: Reduced the damage to the tool used to repair base building parts


  • Tweaked: better handling of count of direct cooking slots