Hello Survivors,

we have the first Stable Update of the year incoming.

Please verify your game files before playing the new update, and report all bugs you encounter!

This Stable update will update the server files and tools.





  • Fixed: Strafe keys do not work when rebound to different keys than default
  • Fixed: Camera goes into inappropriate height when walking up a slope upon exiting water
  • Fixed: Possible stack in wolf combat behavior
  • Fixed: Face textures and beards are not set properly
  • Fixed: Client-side freeze caused by nearby players
  • Fixed: Muzzle flash not disappearing
  • Fixed: Attempted fix for server performance degradation
  • Fixed: Getting kicked from queue after a prolonged wait
  • Fixed: Incompatibility between Workbench and the game version
  • Fixed: A memory server crash
  • Fixed: Client crashes
  • Fixed: Server termination doesn’t end properly when client connects in the middle of it
  • Fixed: Server crashes
  • Fixed: Client/server errors related to in-game actions
  • Fixed: Background rain sfx might not be audible
  • Fixed: Using surrender gesture through gesture wheel results in disappearance of wielded item
  • Fixed: Wheels that spawned already on the car are impervious to bullets
  • Fixed: An issue with vehicle disappearing/flying away upon exiting it/changing seats
  • Fixed: Items dropped in trees/bushes cannot be picked up – might require usage of drag and drop in inventory rather than the pick-up action
  • Fixed: A player to player desync issue
  • Fixed: Error messages pertaining to weapon usage
  • Fixed: Further changes to improve server performance




  • Tweaked: Minor changes in input configuration
  • Tweaked: Renderer changes, primarily in lighting system
  • Tweaked: Changed snow back into rain
  • Tweaked: Server-side lighting system to improve server performance
  • Tweaked: Additional server performance tweaks
  • Tweaked: Improved stability of car in lower server frame-rates
  • Tweaked: Improved stability of car with no wheels
  • Tweaked: Leather gloves color
  • Tweaked: Interior sounds (tails) for animals and weapons
  • Tweaked: Landmine kill-zone




  • Fixed: The launcher was crashing when 20 or more Steam Workshop entries were subscribed




  • Server crashes can cause a persistence wipe. So especially for server owners, try to work with regular persistence backups and if you encounter server crashes, report with your crash dumps to our Feedback Tracker. If you have any proven reproduction steps for persistence wipes, let us know. The team is working on a long-term solution, which unfortunately will take some time.