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Recent Important Changes/NewsNew guns, new outfit!

  • The Brethren Arms B52, A Rolling lock HK style Rifle that shoots 7.62×39. takes nato optics and the AK suppressor and the weapon wrap. (It exists irl.)
  • A Goku DBZ fan art top. (Very subtle. Don’t want to ruin immersion too much.)
  • A multicam Tropic Set
  • The Kivaari 338 DMR, very powerful. Coming with some hefty recoil for having the fastest bullet velocity in the game. and more powerful than 308.
  • 12 Gauge bean bag rounds, for less lethal confrontations with other players! they do mostly shock damage meaning you can shoot someone and knock them out without killing them!
  • Loose and Ammoboxes of 338 and 408 with realistic ballistic speeds according to the wiki
  • An Armsan RS X1 pump action shotgun that can take hunting and LRS optics and comes with a custom suppressor. (Yes, A 12 gauge suppressor.)
  • A Custom AKM Model Rifle
  • A custom .408 Cheytac Intervention with custom .408 ammunition that packs a wallop! it accepts all nato scope attachments and the hunting and lrs scopes. Comes with proper model animations and CUSTOM SOUNDS!!~Thanks to stuart_tipton
  • Olive Drab Green Plate Carrier W/pouches
  • Inverted Gorka set in Flecktarn camo
  • 7.62×39 Conversion Kit for M4A1 (Makes your M4 chamber 7.62!)
  • 5.56×45 Conversion Kit for M4A1 (Makes your Modified M4 use 5.56 again)
  • Utility Belt Added! Fits a huge range of tools and Items essential for survival. Inspired by the original DayZ Mod.
  • Black and Beige Jackets. (Hunting Jacket Based) for Civilians.
  • A Beige Ushanka
  • new Taloon Backpack in the inverted gorka camo style. Requested by Xanoks
  • new boonie hat in the same camo style as the inverted gorka woodland set
  • SCOUT556 RIFLE! Uses 5.56×45 ammo, Holds 6 bullets and has a scope and Suppressor. (spawn seperately) thanks to cleetus with scripting the suppressor to work on specific rifles
  • Added Fixed Smersh Vest + Winter white Variant
  • Added Black Plate Carrier W/Pouches
  • Added Woodland Camo Plate Carrier W/Pouches
  • Added Winter Camo Plate Carrier W/Pouches
  • full Yellow NBC set inspired by breaking bad.
  • Two Swedish ms90 camo sets, one woodland, one winter
  • Black Hunting Backpack
  • Green Canvas Backpack.
  • Winter Ghillie Gun Wrap w/Recipe (Check Patch notes
  • full Array of new Raincoat Improvised bags including their courier counterparts. all requiring the proper recipes. rope on raincoat.
  • An Urban Coyote Backpack
  • A STEW!! You can create a stew mix by combining a piece of meat with a vegetable. boil it in a pot to cook it.
  • whole set of unique armbands from various clothing items included in my pack. use a knife on them to make an armband
  • Woodland Gorka set (New Inverted Design)
  • Cowboy hat (Autumn camo
  • Modified mossy and woodland ghillie suits that take the Hip slot, so you can wear backpacks with them.
  • Modified Mossy and woodland ghillie tops that take the hip slot, so you can wear backpacks with them.
  • These Ghillie suits spawn in boxes that spawn in military zones. (If you install the xmls.)
  • Kryptek Mandrake Tactical set containing a tactical shirt and some tactical cargo pants.
  • US WW2 Backpack
  • US WW2 Medic Wool top.
  • Camo baseball hat labled CGC
  • Black GP5 Gas mask. (Requested by [BW]Chief and Harvbinger)
  • Black Mich2001 Helmet
  • Green Orel Police set recommended by Skorio6 (Recolor, not retexture.)
  • Urban Camo set (m65 and cargo and cap)
  • Urban Camo Blue Hiking jacket (Matches the urban camo set above)
  • Brown Hunting Backpack!
  • CUU Quilted Jacket (Woodland)
  • Black Press vest
  • Black military gorka set w/ncr patch
  • Military camo Taloon backpack
  • Black and Yellow Mountain bag (New pattern from original)
  • DayZ MOD inspired “czech backpack” Aka woodland camo mountain backpack
  • woodland camo set that uses the models of the sweater and cargo pants
  • matching vest for the woodland set that uses the model of the press vest. (No letters. complete retexture) It retains the armor stats of the press vest making it a great vest for combat. (Has less slots than the other vests to make up for this.)
  • pair of pink camo short shorts!
  • camo hoodie.

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