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The goal is to bring a few items to the game to make bases feel a little more like “Home”

EDIT: This mod is no longer used on MyDayZ Server


Now Lockable!- Unique Storage for clothing and items. Slots for bulky clothing and a weapon that you can visually see inside. You can Lock the locker with a padlock that can be found in Chernarus. To Lock the locker drag the lock onto the respective attachment slot while the locker is open.

U should like:

Grass and Dirt Mound

Dig minimal cover in otherwise open locations. A Field shovel can dig two dirtmounds before being destroyed. You can only dig a dirtmound with a FieldShovel. 

Water Storage Kit

A water supply for your base. Two Planks and Ten Nails create the Barrels frame, you must combine that with the water barrel. The Waterbarrel can be found in Chernarus. 
Big thanks to @Windstride for the model!


A Worktable used to construct items – Currently makes the Wood storage, more items to construct in the future.

Wood Storage- New model 

Crafting The ItemsTo build the Worktable combine 3 planks with a nail. Building the Woodstorage requires 5 planks. Walk over to the Worktable with the planks in your hand. Locker can be created by 10 sheets of metal and a pair of pliers. You can destroy the items with the appropriate melee weapons.

Server Owner Instructions

It’s very simple to install, Paste the @mod folder into your server root and grab the OPMODS.Bikey and place it in your servers key folder.

In your launch paramaters add @OP_BaseItems; with your other mods. 

The Types.xml for the items is in the mod folder, make sure to add the entries.

This is WIP, It’s my first mod and I work on this in my spare time. I will my best try to bring updates frequently!

No reuploads or repacking allowed.

Steam Collection

Steam Collection:

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