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Simple Roof is not used in MyDayZ Server

What is Simple Roof

A simple roof building mod to help secure your base.

The roof panels can be accessed to dismantle, but only from inside the base.

Now includes a floor, a wall and a wooden pillar.

To build a roof, wall or floor kit, you’ll need 10 planks and 40 nails. A wooden pillar requires 1 log and 10 nails. You will currently get all those resources back if you break down the item.

The wall, floor and pillar can be dismantled by anyone. I haven’t been able to make the walls secure like the roof. DisableBaseDestruction and similar mods won’t work on these walls either, so it’s best to use standard walls on the outside of your base.

It’s still a work in progress. Use with caution, because I haven’t fully tested persistence. I don’t know exactly how long the items will last! There is also a weird issue where sometimes after placing the roof, you can’t stand on top of it. Re-logging fixes this.

I’ve included a step ladder in the mod to help with roof construction.

I might also add some more panels and base parts in future. Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions.

The step ladder is also included in my Coffin Mod (different colour variation, so you can still use both mods):

Credit to Francesco Coldesina for the step ladder model:

Credit to Ectotherm for the roof model:

Credit to TraianDumbrava for the saw model:

Credit to WholeTrees for the pillar model:

Credit to OP, I only managed to get this working by studying OP_Baseitems:

and credit to Hennessy who fixed all the issues. 
Check out his mod More_Containers_and_Decorations:

Server owner instructions:
1. Copy the @Simple Roof folder from !Workshop to your DayZServer root folder.
2. Copy ChopperBase.bikey file from the keys folder to your keys folder.
3. Add “-mod=@Simple Roof” to your server startup parameters.
4. Merge types.xml (located in mpmissions\dayzOffline.chernarusplus\db) with the file provided.
5. OPTIONAL: Merge TraderConfig.txt (located in YOURSERVERPROFILE\Trader) with the file provided.


Changed size of roof panel to 10×10, to help with testing.
Hopefully fixed missing textures.
Fixed missing textures.
Complete overhaul. Huge thanks to Hennessy for basically re-writing the whole mod from scratch. 
Update types.xml and TraderConfig.txt
Fixed GardenPlot issue.
Added floor, wall and wooden pillar items.
Update types.xml and TraderConfig.txt

You are free to do whatever you like with this mod. Hopefully someone who actually knows what they’re doing can improve on it!
Seeing as most of the mod has been re-written by Hennessy, you should seek permission from him first.

Have fun!

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