Project Description

vehicle dayz ada 4x4 niva

Vehicle Parts

The following parts are necessary to get the Ada 4×4 operational, as of v1.0:

The following fluids are necessary for a healthy, long running car:

The following parts are optional, but recommended for the safety of vehicle occupants:

As of Version 1.0.150000 it is not proven that Motor Oil has a necessary Effect on the Engine. Infact it is possible to drive the Ada 4×4 for long distances without Motor Oil.

Refilling Fluids


For coolant refilling, a Car Radiator is necessary. To refill coolant aim on the top right corner of the Car Radiator wich is mounted infront of the engine behind the cooler grill.

You can refill coolant with the following Items:

NOTE: Refill coolant until the engine stops smoking, usually more than half a Coolant Tank is needed.

Motor Oil

With the Motor Oil equipped, stand on the passenger side and aim on the left side of the engine to refill Engine Oil.

Category Vehicles > Ground
Seats 4
Capacity 300 Slots (10×30)
Top Speed Unknown
Noise Extremely Loud
Fuel Tank 42 L
Locations Towns and Cities
Rarity Common
Variants None