Project Description

The Can Opener is a tool which can be used to open cans of food (such as Baked Beans) or used as a weapon. It can be found in civilian and industrial locations.

A can opener is used by dragging it over a closed can to open it so the contents can be consumed. While cans of food can be opened by using other instruments (i.e. a Knife), by using a real can opener you do not lose any of the food contained in the can, which makes it the best option to open up cans.

While the can opener can be used as a melee weapon, it does only a small amount of damage compared to other melee weapons such as the Firefighter Axe. However, it may be useful for killing Zombies if no other weapons are available. It does more damage than fists alone but unless there is absolutely no other choice it is advised to avoid using it in combat.