Don’t forget your NBC clothes!

Some strange events are happening in the Military base of Kamensk…. We saw infected with burn skin. Be careful if you go to Kamenks military zone!

New items and Craft are now available


  • full Yellow NBC set inspired by breaking bad.

  • Woodland Camo Plate Carrier W/Pouches

  • The Brethren Arms B52, A Rolling lock HK style Rifle that shoots 7.62×39. takes nato optics and the AK suppressor and the weapon wrap. (It exists irl.)

  • A custom .408 Cheytac Intervention with custom .408 ammunition that packs a wallop! it accepts all nato scope attachments and the hunting and lrs scopes. Comes with proper model animations and CUSTOM SOUNDS!!~Thanks to stuart_tipton

  • SCOUT556 RIFLE! Uses 5.56×45 ammo, Holds 6 bullets and has a scope and Suppressor. (spawn seperately) thanks to cleetus with scripting the suppressor to work on specific rifles

Simple Roof


A simple roof building mod to help secure your base.

The roof panels can be accessed to dismantle, but only from inside the base. Now includes a floor, a wall and a wooden pillar.

To build a roof, wall or floor kit, you’ll need 10 planks and 40 nails. A wooden pillar requires 1 log and 10 nails. You will currently get all those resources back if you break down the item.

The wall, floor and pillar can be dismantled by anyone. I haven’t been able to make the walls secure like the roof. DisableBaseDestruction and similar mods won’t work on these walls either, so it’s best to use standard walls on the outside of your base.

It’s still a work in progress. Use with caution, because I haven’t fully tested persistence. I don’t know exactly how long the items will last! There is also a weird issue where sometimes after placing the roof, you can’t stand on top of it. Re-logging fixes this.

Crafting Recipes

This is a small collection of new crafting recipes with lots of help from Hennessy – check out his great mods too! :)

Recipes (2019/02/24):

  • Rope + PlantMaterial = CamoNet
  • CamoNet + Knife = Rope
  • HescoBox + Plier = 4 MetalPlate
  • 1 MetalPlate + Plier = 30 Nail (Plier decay 10% per 1 MetalPlate)
  • 10 Metal Plate + Plier = 300 Nail (Pier will be ruined after that)
  • 1 MetalWire + 10 Nail = 1 BarbedWire
  • 1 BarbedWire + Plier = 10 Nail
  • Pipe + Hacksaw = PistolSupressor
  • 70 Nail + 20 Plank = SeaChest
  • SeaChest + Hatchet = 20 Plank

New recipes (2019/02/26):

  • Rope + any animal pelt = ImprovisedFurBackPack
  • Burlapsack or animalpelt + 5 sticks = Tent Kit
  • Tent kit + CamoNet = Shelter (small tent with slots)
  • CamoNet + Rope = GhillieSuit + GunWrap Woodland
crafting recipe

Don’t forget to visit new custom zone !

Rediscover the old version berezhino and kranostav airfield with this new update !

Rework of Kranostav, Berezhino, and Prison Bridge

New Trading zones

Some changes have been made to the trading area. Indeed, Kurminya is no longer available on the map. You can now find a new catchment area at Devil’s Castle!