Project Description

A nutritious and long-lasting can of spaghetti that can be opened with a can opener. Will last two to five years depending on storage conditions. — In-game description

Canned Spaghetti are a type of food in DayZ Standalone.

Opening the Can

Canned Spaghetti + Can Opener = Canned Spaghetti opened
Canned Spaghetti + Knife disambiguation = Canned Spaghetti opened

Canned Spaghetti

Canned Spaghetti

Category Food and Drink > Canned Goods
Size 4 Slots (2×2)
Weight 465 g
Absorbency 0%
Nutritional Values
Energy 107 kcal
Water 78.2 mL
Stomach 1.5 mL
Nutritional Index 1
Toxicity 0
Locations Military bases/camps
Rarity Common
Variants None