UPDATE 1.10.153546 (released on 05.11.2020)


  • Fixed a server crash connected to user actions
  • It is no longer possible just to walk (get on) top of shelters
  • The respawn dialog was displayed even though the server had it disabled using the disableRespawnDialog parameter
  • Inputs were blocked after respawn unless the user went into the escape menu and back
  • The player could use materials gained from decrafting ruined construction kits
  • It was not possible to take sticks out of a shelter site
  • It was possible to build watchtowers on top of each other
  • Missing UI widget for taking ruined parts out of a car
  • The player was able to move with broken legs without penalty while using evade left or right
  • Swapping an item in the hands and the inventory during an action could with the right timing cause the head to disappear
  • Two M3S wheels can be combined into one M3S Dual Wheel
  • Adjusted the collisions on the tarp cover of the M3S Truck
  • Gas stove with Canister + FryingPan/Pot attached could be stacked infinitely
  • Items in hands would not disappear temporarily when building an improvised shelter
  • Fixed an issue where players could instantly wear a splint from a skinned dead player
  • Prone-rolling while having a broken leg was not dealing shock damage
  • The shock hit effect could sometimes get stuck after respawning
  • Fixed the M3S Truck damage system configuration
  • Fixed accessibility, attaching and detaching of items on the M3S Truck


  • Player legs can now receive more damage before breaking
  • Reduced the resistance against the shock damage on legs
  • Each use of a splint now decreases its health level by one
  • Player rolling now consumes stamina
  • Lowered the guaranteed height from which a leg will be broken by falling
  • Leg breaking by falling from lower heights is less random
  • The M3S Dual wheel can be split using a lug wrench
  • The back of the M3S truck (tarp, trunk) can now be repaired using Tarp and Wooden Planks
  • Engines of all cars are now more durable thanks to decreased transfer of damage to them
  • Lowered the max wetness value on Plate Carrier, Press Vest and Tactical Vest
  • Removed the grey variant of the M3S Truck
  • Infected on the coast of Chernarus have higher chances of dropping various items such as tools, clothes and food


  • Renamed the server parameter setRespawnMode to disableRespawnDialog