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Clothing Stats

Almost all clothing in DayZ Standalone provides some type of benefit to the wearer and incoming damage. Below are descriptions of each type of stat associated with clothing, which should help you make an informed decision about what to wear based on your needs.


CapacityHow much storage space the clothing has.
SizeThe amount of space required to fit the item into the player’s inventory.
WeightHow heavy the clothing is.
Repairable WithWhat kind(s) of repair kit are able to mend this item to improve its condition.


InsulationHow much heat the clothing helps retain.
The greater the number the more effective the item will retain heat.
AbsorbencyHow much water the clothing will absorb if the wearer gets wet.
0% means waterproof, higher numbers means the item will absorb more water.


HealthReduces projectile damage to health.
BloodReduces the chance of bleeding.
ShockReduces the amount of shock from damage.
There are three types of incoming damage (affecting clothing): ProjectileMelee and Infected. Each of above-mentioned damage types falls into three areas of impact on a player’s healt: HealthBlood and Shock.
The greater the number the more effective the item will diminish amount of damage.

Clothing Slots

A player’s character has 11 slots available for clothing. Each slot corresponds to a part of the player character’s body and allows for a specific type of clothing to be worn there. The slots are:

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