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Community-Online-Tools is included in MyDayZ Server

More information on GitHub:


This is the first set of GUI based admin tools created by the developers of DayZ Community Offline Mode. This makes use of a modular design which allows other mods such as DayZ Expansion or DayZ HypeTrain to add their own menu’s for admins to have further control of their servers. Community Online Tools allows you to teleport players, set player health, blood, shock, change the weather of the server and even spawn in vehicles. Also, this mod allows you to set the aiming mode for players to the old 0.62 system if you, the server admin wishes to use it.


  • Community Online Tools1
  • Community-Online-Tools
  • Community Online Tools2


This mod is in it’s early state. Many features are planned to be made and released at a later stage. There may be some small bugs. If you find some, report them in the #cot-discussion channel in this discord server[]. 

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